In the past few months, we’ve been seeing “newbie bloggers” emerge on to the mainstream out of every nook and cranny. Where some of them are just in it for the sake of merely becoming a part of the rat race, there are also those who have introduced the art and the authenticity of blogging. In this mad rush of fashion and lifestyle, and to crack the patch, there are a handful of cool and creative Bloggers who are considered to be the trailblazers of blogging in Pakistan. So, who does SiddySays appreciate for stepping up the game? Scroll down!

The Style Journal by Alina Shahid - Blogger


The Style Journal by Alina Shahid is a fun and quirky space that reflects Alina’s versatile personality. She’s a lifestyle blogger who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade on her Instagram account The Style Journal. The amount of originality, thought and idea that is put behind all the information she gathers from all around the world is what makes TSJ unique. If only TSJ had a website and was publishing blog posts, would give everybody else a run for their money!

Aamiriat by Aamir - Blogger


Aamir has made a name for himself by becoming a fashion critic who is brutally honest in his opinion by calling out designers for copying designs and calling them their own without giving due credit to the original work of art. Everything he says and does is written in bold and looks beautiful on his Instagram account Aamiriat. Aamir has set precedence for other aspiring bloggers to follow his footsteps solely for his undying love for fashion, and that’s what we appreciate him for. Know anyone else who debunks and dissects fashion like Aamir?

A Wardrobe Affair by Anber Javed - Blogger


Apart from the fact that, A Wardrobe Affair by Anber Javed creates pure and original content sans plagiarism , we also miss Anber’s blog posts. She’s supremely talented with a fashion sense that is a great blend of East meets West. She’s sensitive and yet driven with her opinions, and celebrates fashion with her own spin.

Mominas Mixed Plate - V-Logger


Momina’s one of popular and trending v-loggers right now, who has a great spirit and an interesting sense of style. She knows how to tap into the fun side of her celebrity guests with a persona that’s loud and clear on Mominas Mixed Plate and gives her followers a blend of fashion, entertainment and beauty.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast