Fashion and trends are always on the rise (making comeback and evolving), but only a few are worth the attention – you sometimes just can’t get enough of them. And one of the raging trens that’s got both our attention and heart (multiplied with #awww’s  infinite times) is BABY PHOTOGRAPHY!

Newborn photography is probably the most adorably novel trend that’ll make your heart turn into mush, and this is where photographers have gone wild with their imagination, props, and cute poses of all sorts. You would see babies sitting in cups, being sleeping in floral lawn baskets, and even hanging in a pot. Just hanging out…nothing much, ya know?I mean who can get over a baby with a cute floral bow, resting that angelic face on teeny tiny hands, and some pouting as well. #Awww. Moreover, you have options to go for cake smash or water splash shoots, to milestone shoots or a customized album with baby pictures throughout the year with some amazing props, editing techniques (and customized shoots). YES! We’re ravenous for it.

However, as fancy and calming it may look it takes a lot of effort and time to create and capture these poses. There are hours of patience and days of hard work to create one perfect baby image. It’s also very rewarding and lucrative. Anyone aspiring to become a baby photographer needs to take workshops and train with pros before they can dream of creating magical photos. There has to be a comfortable temperature-controlled studio as well. As outdoor shoots can only be done at very specific times and perfect weather conditions most of the baby shoots are done in studios.

So, we decided to give you a run-down of some very cool Baby Photographers (you know, FYI). #Awww 


Visit their Facebook page and see how all this magic is created. Qudsya Shahnawaz Cheema the power lady behind the idea is a mom of four adorable kids and rocks at customized birthday and baby shoots. You can find Miqs Photography here 


Maha Mir Ali is the power girl behid Maha mir Ali photography which is centered on baby, child, and family photography. She has a huge number of satisfoed clients whose reviews are a testament to her craft. You can follow her on insta and facebook. You can look her up and fish for more details here


One of the favorite baby photographers in K-town is Asmaira T-Dossani. Her versatile and playful way of photo/videography brings about amazing results that make precious keepsakes for families, and she’s is Karachi-based. You can look her up here


If you don’t want to take your baby out into a studio for hours-long sessions Dee is your choice. She will take photos at your desired locations bothering the little one least and making photos turn out to be masterpieces using the latest editing techniques and bringing everything to life. You can look her up here