Lawn is all over the place.  Be it our our Instagram feeds, our Facebook news feed, our office loaded with piles of lawn catalogs, tailor shops and literally on us too at the very moment. With summers spanned over almost eight months of a year in Pakistan, lawn has become one of the staples in everybody's wardrobe. Hands down to our fashion designers who are nailing the lawn business by churning out volume after volume and introducing prequels and sequels of it to boost our economy. Barae Khanom 

In the midst of a beautiful chaos of lawn season, Barae Khanom-a fashionable luxury pret a porter brand feels like a breath of fresh air. They made a ground breaking debut with its collection titled 'Rubaiyat'.The colour palatte is an outburst of  both vibrant and muffled tones.  The collection is inspired from conscientiously thought out designs. It ranges from the more abstract,to floral, to animal prints incorporating a mix of tribal orientation. Just as we prefer, Rubaiyat depicts a minimalist approach reinventing the concept of 'less is more' in this lawn frenzy world which is evident through its design philosophy. Some patch work is unique in its design taking inspiration from the contemporary yet modern architecture.

Every ensemble from the collection illustrate a tale of its own and you will not regret owning one and making a place for it in your wardrobe. All the names of the articles are in Persian depicting every detail splendidly in the outfits.

Here are some of our top picks from the collection:

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The powerhouse behind the label, was witnessed herself flaunting this ensemble on the launch. With beautifully placed paisley motifs on this subtle hued turquoise dress, this for sure has an imperial feel to it. The exceptional thing about this entire outfit was its jaw dropping net embroidered edges of the dupatta fully adorned with pearls. And it left a lasting impression on us. 

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