The impact of the outbreak of the corona virus cannot be overstated in spite of how terribly both our personal and professional lives have been affected by it. The world has come to a stand still, and from local to national and global economies, the negative aspects have been adverse by the unpredictable behavior of this pandemic.

However, this has been a nation-wide wake up call and everybody is stepping up now to play their part, trying to make a positive impact by lending their support to the local heroes through various activities to show that they care and commend their efforts. So, whether it’s through food drives, providing protective gear or public display of support around the world, or just through music, the attempts are tremendous

Major brands and businesses that have a long-standing relationship with CSR are also making strong moves to help the front-liners (those fighting for Covid19) to stay afloat in this difficult time.



Being a global shoe brand, the BATA group has made a herculean move of donating 1 million pair of shoes to the health care workers, volunteers and their families across the countries they operate, thanking them and the front-liners for their tireless efforts whilst fighting Covid19 covering countries like Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and India where BATA operates.

During these unprecedented times, Bata is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our employees and consumers, to continue to serve our consumers to the best of our ability, and to take meaningful action to help communities in need and those on the frontlines” said Alexis Nasard, Bata CEO. “Now more than ever, we are committed to upholding our values and to improving the lives of our consumers, employees, suppliers, customers and communities”.

Moreover, through their BATA Heroes Initiative, the brand has been actively working with their partnered foundations, charities, government sectors and miscellaneous organisations so they can positively tackle Covid19 by providing face masks, face shields and PPE for health workers in countries as diverse as India, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Colombia, Italy, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Chile, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia. Including food donations, hygienic products, or funds through the BATA Children’s Program and the BATA Shoe Foundation.

Thank you, BATA!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.