There was a time when you would go to a fashion show and witness gorgeous clothes, but a little bit down that dress, there was that shoe, always sticking out like a sore thumb.

Countless times we saw ill fitted shoes, big shoes, creeky shoes, unflattering shoes and even down right ugly shoes. More often than not it is the shoe or the bag that makes or breaks a look, and even while throwing back to fashion weeks of the past, we saw many designers making the huge mistake of either asking the models to bring their own shoes, or trying to fit Cinderella’s slipper on her step sister!

This year at PLBW 2016, when we were backstage, we saw a local brand coming forward with a great idea, having a shoe and clutches kiosk. From bling sandals, to plain pumps and some really creative clutches, BORJAN really had its collection sorted and it did look quite fab too.

So for a show stopper or a model with a missing shoe, one only had to walk to the exhibit area and choose what looked good with the outfit and was a perfect fit.

Result was, we didn’t see models almost limping because of a crooked heel or in pain because some one would have to axe a toe off while taking those pumps off. Good going guys!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.