Lawn Exhibition Rush

Every spring, every year, few very important events take place that charter the course of how the Summer will unfold, yes I am talking about the Lawn launches. Every year I am inspired to also launch a lawn of my own and contribute to the social uplift by making a difference to many lives.

Jokes apart, if you ever want to be in the league of celebrated lawn designers here is what we have learnt by observing the few hundred lawn launches that took place this season so far.

  1. First and most important you have to call it designer lawn. It’s not enough to be the world most comfortable lawn, or the most affordable lawn, or the most beautiful lawn, it has to be called designer lawn to get immediate attention. This is the only word that truly resonates with the ladies doesn’t matter though if you are actually a successful designer or just the self proclaimed type.
  2. Don’t be too creative, follow the formula. If print on print worked well for a certain design house why bother being different, do the same. In fact, if you have the audacity, pick one of their more successful prints from a couple of seasons ago and replicate. Technically, that IS designer lawn.
  3. Go to an exotic location to shoot, and shoot at least one sequence on the beach. While Thailand beaches were previously the rage, It seems a new standard has been introduced this year. The new place to go to is Galle, Sri Lanka as you may have seen an amazing campaign this year in our BTS section and we have seen many others follow suit already.
  4. Shoot a short film – clearly to make big money you have to flaunt big money. If you’re not it, act it. Make a short film like Elan or Sana Safinaz and immediately social media will have you viralled.
  5. Speaking of Social Media, copy a successful social media campaign. Celeb Spotting, selfie’s section, how to accessorize your jora, giveaways, everyone is doing it now, so just join the bandwagon!
  6. Hold an exhibition with models adorning the lawn and interacting with the guests. Till someone comes up with a different presentation idea, this is what you have to do to make it as a lawn designer.
  7. Embellish your clothes the same way everyone does, with embroidered necklines, and multiple pattis for every corner of the jora, no need to do more, it’s enough of a success formula.

There you have it, if you want to be the new ‘thing’ in lawn these are simple things to follow and be part of the frenzy next season. Since we know of very few brands, no more than four or five, that actually innovate and create, leading the pack, for a safe sure shot lawn collection, just follow. Good Luck and God Speed!!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.