Did you know that, millions of bras sold every day and umpteen design choices but still, a huge percentage of users are unaware of the proper usage and suffering at the hands of the wrong brasserie. And if the first thing on your to-do list upon reaching home is to get rid of your bra you my friend like 60-70% other women are wearing a wrong type and size.

While how to choose the best bra needs is a whole different discussion here we have short-listed 7 of the worst bra types that you need to stay away from. Not only are these uncomfortable but some of these might negatively affect your health too.



This type tops the chart for worst bra ever for offering zero breathability, utmost discomfort, and crackling sounds to accompany every time you try to move. These types of the bra are also notorious for causing rashes.

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This type of bra needs to be glued to your skin. Besides minimum support, it can pose a serious hazard to the skin and overall health. The chemical used to hold it against your skin will be needed to apply directly to your skin. These can be toxic and may have local and systemic disadvantages.



Cotton and natural fibers are known to be the best bra materials all over the world. However, these are blended with synthetic fibers like nylon and spandex to enhance flexibility. On the contrary, some bras are made purely of these synthetic fibers which is a big NO! Entrapment of sweat and lack of breathability can make these uncomfortable and cause itchy rashes.


Bras that look delicate and lacy are pretty but useless. These offer no support and hence can strain your back and neck muscles. Such types of bras also tend to make movement less comfortable.


A bra that is loose or is too tight can make any day hell. Not only do they ruin your look but also are cumbersome and difficult to deal with throughout the day.


Strapless bras are somewhat like sticky bras, but the stitching, underwires and a firm band can cause allergies and irritation since they stay in one place.


Now while you get a better body shape, their are setbacks of padded bras if you’re regularly wearing them. The extra pad applies pressure to alter the breast tissue and an impairment of the lymphatic system’s flow can lead to the toxification of the breast tissue leading to cancer and sleeping disorders etc.

Do you want to know the right way to select and measure for a bra? Let us know in the comments and we will help you with this.

Written by Sehrish Rameez
Sehrish is a Pharmacist who writes about health, lifestyle and everything in between and around. Her contributions are a part of several noticeable digital forums. E: