An advertisement that has recently managed to immediately grab our attention is that of Brite, with its catchy new tagline ‘Brite Sab Right Kardega’.

Watching TV in a Pakistani family setting is incomplete without an array of advertisements in the middle, and some of our best memories are attached to them. Where it sometimes gets tiresome watching typical TV ads showing miserable people laden with problems, Brite with its latest ad announcing that ‘Brite Sab Right Kardega’ turned out to be a breath of fresh air.

From choosing the right cooking oil, tea, coffee and so on, to grabbing the right brand of detergent, ads have a great influence in our daily lives. Amidst such influence, Brite’s new communication strategy stood out to be unique and with a touch of humour and authenticity to it, which was easy to notice.

Worries need to be set aside since there is a solution to your problems, the ad translates Brite as a brand that can fix your mood and make things right for you.

A super cool notion of how it is the answer to your woes, their latest communication hits the right chord. Using Ushna Shah as the popular celebrity face in the advertisement is another excellent way to cater to a younger audience, depicting how home chores don’t always have to be problematic and gloomy, or make you look miserable. Brite has gone for a fresh take in this perspective. With the use of popular young celebrity faces, they seem to have used a more modern approach to get their message across.

The audio and visual appeal of the ad is also notable. The production quality is clear and crisp, with a whole lot of brightness to the look, while the music in the background is quite cheerful.

The thing that stands out the most in this unique marketing approach, is that the brand has managed to keep the light and humorous vibe of the ad intact, while effectively putting across the correct functionality of the product as well. So by the end of it, their potential customers don’t just have a smile on their face, but are also well aware of Brite’s ability to remove all kinds of stains.

Let’s be honest, Brite has given tough competition to other detergents with this one. The tagline has been used smartly, while the singsong voice with which they say “Brite sab right kardega” makes you want to casually say it again and again.  It’s a pleasure to see a brand in the Pakistani market take a bold new step to move ahead in the market. With such enterprising brands in the local industry, we can see great progress in our markets.

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.