Fashion rebuilds morals and helps a woman re-define her self-confidence through the clothes that she wears, because every piece of clothing is a work of art, but not everyone who wears them can be the muse. However, with BTW’s newest collection, “Luxe is The New Orange” fashion takes on a whole new level of looking effortless and graceful – something that the woman of today can carry with poise.

BTW’s “Luxe is The New Orange” is a five-piece collection which has been exclusively designed to stand out amidst the wide range of spring summer prêt lines that are readily available in the market. And with a strong competition in the retail industry, the USP of the luxe collection is that, each outfit is inimitable from the other in terms of unique embellishments, sleek cuts, colour palettes and the fabric that is used, thus making the outfits a fine and elegant piece of craftsmanship that has an individual persona on its own.

In terms of colour palette, the luxe collection sways between cool tones like lilac, grey and rose pink to emerald green and turquoise with intricate embroidery, and the use of different fabric on the hemlines from organza, to solid satin and embroidered patterns. There is a sheer sophistication in the elements used as they compliment the entirety of the luxe collection.  Interestingly, the use of add-ons is smartly used and builds on in each outfit, giving it a life of its own which is absolutely perfect for a formal night out or if you’re looking to make a comeback. As for styling tips, you will want to wear statement sleeves this spring because dramatic sleeves have made a huge scene on fashion runways and they will definitely get you Instagram worthy pictures. They look stylish so why not wear at least one shirt that features them? And the luxe collection has them.

The beauty of BTW’s “Luxe is The New Orange” is a complete line that is made keeping in mind the current trends that are in vogue and has limited pieces, so the price range varies from Rs. 3,950/- to Rs. 5,590/- and is available both online and in all BTW outlets in Lahore and Karachi. So visit: and show the world how luxury is worn.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.