Looking to celebrate freedom in style this year? Pakistan’s leading retail brand, Sapphire just played their part by releasing a patriotic capsule collection called “Hommage”, an ode to Independence Day and we are thrilled.

“Hommage” is an artistic representation that has been showcased through fashion so women can reflect on their identity as Pakistanis. The collection speaks of Pakistan’s history and culture; displayed in the form of 5 distinct kurtas. Each design and print embody different elements that are unique to our beloved homeland. The shirts are modern and contemporary keeping in mind the current style trends; varying from box to A-line to simple straight shirts and long sleeves. We simply love the play of colours in this collection.  Not your usual green and white collection; “Hommage” can be worn all year round. 

Furthermore, as Pakistanis, you can also play your part by going an extra mile. Sapphire has partnered with Akhuwat Foundation – an interest-free microfinancing organization. Every kurta you buy from this collection, a tree will be planted in your name at Akhuwat University, Pakistan’s very first “No-Fee University”.

What are you waiting for?!! Head over to a Sapphire store near you. pick your favourite kurta and play your part in making Pakistan green again!


This beautifully vibrant and floral kurta is inspired by truck art designs. Over the years, the truck art fashion has become a cultural symbol and holds a significant relevance. It started off in 1920’s and is now unique to Pakistan; representative of its core culture.

sapphire independence day collection


Explore your fun and quirky side with this bright coloured kurta; inspired by truck art designs and coins of Pakistan. The truck art speaks of an indigenous tradition that is part of our culture and the coins represent our history and the journey of Pakistan.

sapphire independence day collection - jashn


Chand Tara has been inspired by Pakistan’s national flower, Jasmine. The beautifully fragrant white flower represents purity and togetherness; a trait representative of Pakistanis.

sapphire independence day collection - chand tara


This kurta was inspired by postage stamps of Pakistan. Stamps mark some of the most crucial and significant moments in the country’s history. Now it is your turn to make your mark with this kurta!

sapphire independence day collection - azadi


1947 marks the year of Pakistan’s independence, and therefore the kurta is inspired by the map of Pakistan. Since our country is made up of so many cities, the design of this kurta also incorporates names of those cities around its neck line and sleeves.

sapphire independence day collection - 1947