She sits across from you on a table, with her chin-length auburn hair veiling her face as she bends down to type on the keyboard. Her oval face looks up from the glowing laptop screen for a moment and her big-coffee colored eyes scan the entire room until they settle on you. No need to be intimidated because this is how it starts. You are truly fascinated by this creation of God but have no idea what to do… The fact is there is one and only one way of getting a girl interested in you, and that is by showing how genuinely interested you are in her (in the short run though being an a$$h0l3 can work too). But if you genuinely like her, let’s walk through all the major steps.


You Make Me Smile Quote Movie Elf

A little happy goes a long way… Allow an easy, natural grin to bring a sparkle of vigor to the empty eyes. Smile with all of yourself and wait for her to return the gesture (and if she does, don’t just assume – hansee tou phansee), a smile is the perfect ice breaker.


You had me at hello Movie Jerry Mcguire Quote

Go up and introduce yourself. Come across as confident. Be sure of yourself. She hates beating around the bush and playing emotional games, so be direct. Be vocal. Tell her who you are and what you like. Try and get to know her better, and show her that you value the new friendship. The best way to begin here is to make her comfortable around you and let the rest fall into place.


Tell me everything movie twilight
Don’t just go on harping about your own self, pay attention when she talks, because no matter how senseless her rants seem, she’s most passionate when she speaks. She might talk about her favorite TV show, quote a line from her favorite book or critically analyze her latest shopping trip where she couldn’t decide between the red stilettos and a green trapeze bag. It may come across as gibberish to your ears and you may have zero interest in it all. Your thoughts may wander off to more sensible topics, but please don’t. Maintain that eye contact, stay with her in body and mind.


Notebook Quote

There will come a time though, when your loyalties will be put to test. It’ll be one of those days when everything seems off. Stay with her when she’s going through such time, even if you have no words to spare. When long rivulets of hurt rain down her face, and her whole body quakes with tears, she will try to push you away. She’ll try to tell you ‘she’s okay’ and ‘its fine’ but really, her eyes will betray the lie. Hold her close then, and covertly caress her shoulders. Hold her hair back, hand her tissues, or let the tears soak into your new cashmere shirt – you have no idea, yes, but at that moment, your presence means the world to her. So please be there, for her to find herself in your heartfelt embrace.


quote mistress of rome

One of the best ways to win her over is to remember the tiniest of details, and surprise her with them. There is nothing more flattering to her than for you to remember the correct shade of a peplum top she saw on her rival which she mentioned in midst of her rants or that you remembered she doesn’t take extra cream with her morning cup of coffee. Your ability to remember the slightest of thing about her will make her feel special.


Movie Quote Bridget Jones
Don’t be afraid to tell her she’s beautiful when she’s sulking in the corner in her oldest pair of jeans. Don’t be shy to spare a compliment or two when she had spend an hour in front of a mirror to dress up for a special event. Yeah, it may sound cheesy to you when you put your thoughts to words, but to her, a compliment coming from you is held high in regard as opposed to someone else’s.


Gentleman Murakami
No matter how opinionated she seems, no matter how much she yaps on and on about equality and women emancipation, there’s still a princess somewhere within, waiting to be recognized. So try and be chivalrous at all times. Treat her like royalty because for all you know, she’s been waiting for her fairy tale for far too long. Open the door and fix her chair, she absolutely adores the royal treatment.


It's a wonderful life quote
Nothing excites her more than being involved in a plan, with just the two of you, so make the effort to do so. It doesn’t have to be a date; there seems to be no necessity of labeling the moment. Take her out for a lunch or a dinner. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy; she really doesn’t measure the worth by where she is, but by who she’s with. Dress up well for the day because she sure as hell will notice that you’re trying to make an effort.


you wanted hearts and flowers movie 50 shades

Buy her flowers on the way back. It’s cheesy and old-school but there is nothing more beautiful to her than an artfully arranged bouquet of tube roses that will remind her of you. They will scent her room and make her smile every time she catches a sight of them. It’ll be a constant reminder of the warm, fuzzy feelings when she’s with you and of the wonderful time you both have together.


movie quote pride and prejudice
When the time is right, tell her you love her and mean it like the words have a vein of truth trickling through them. Don’t let the enormity of the occasion overwhelm you. Say it, like your life depends on it, like she’s the first person you’ve spoken these words to. Three words, eight letters – that’s all it takes. You may not know this but, she has probably admitted that she loves you too, a billion times over, to herself.

Written by Naveen Qazi
Fashion & Lifestyle writer.