Fashion is evolving everyday from the runway to retail, and as expansive as the fashion genre is, women’s and menswear have outgrown from the traditional silhouettes and dived into combining everything that makes fashion worth talking about. And with the Pakistani fashion industry, we’ve also been witnessing a change that’s been tilting a bit towards out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new to keep up with the trends. But there are some brands that have carved a niche for in the world of fashion because they’ve been in business for decades and their sole mission is to bring the finest in fashion. And today we have our eye on such solid brand that’s been keeping up with the ever-changing trends, but hasn’t lost its essence, Ismail Farid.

If you’re looking for excellent quality, fine craftsmanship and attention to details, then look no further, Ismail Farid is a brand that exemplifies menswear Pakistan. His label offers a wide range of men suiting, shalwar kameez, groomswear and shirts etc keeping up with a design aesthetic that is contemporary and offers the best in comfort because of the use of the finest fabric. He possesses a talent that recreates designs with modern cuts that suit men of all ages. So whether it’s a trench coat style waist coat with metal buttons of a plain shalwar kameez or a pant pajama, Ismail Farid uses elements that appeal to the modern man of today and keeps him in the limelight.

And Since Eid is around the cordner, Ismail Farid’s Eid Collection is a cultural mix of festiveness and a classic example that will define a man’s persona. The collection incorporates a modern mix with the use of lapels, different types of collar designs and unique buttons such as nails, monogram and metal, but it also stays true to its Pakistani roots with colour tones that are just right. Fashion is a freedom of expression, a choice we all make, and with Ismail Farid’s designs, any preference you make will not go wrong even if you’re looking for something otherwise. An Ismail Faird man is present, secure and exudes an aura that perhaps no other brand can, because his designs are for Today!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast