Dolce Vita Homes Children's Furniture

As your children start walking and talking, the nursery you immersed yourself in designing, taking care of every intricate detail, becomes more and more irrelevant. When children start crawling and walking they run around and often run into things as well. But there is no need to fret; the nursery can be easily turned into a safe but fun room for your toddlers and children.

Paint: Many parents now opt for gender-neutral colours when it comes to painting the room. This works out very well in the long run as your child grows older. With pinks and blues, it can become limiting when you have to change the nursery into their bedroom. However, if you do have a pink or blue room, you can add a new dimension by adding strips of wallpaper to the walls to give the room a fresh feel.

Shelves: As children grow, they require more closet space and more shelves to organize their belongings. Shelves, which are low and accessible, are a quick fix to organizing your child’s room. When installing shelves in your child’s room it is important to keep them at a height where you child is able to access them easily. Dolce Vita has some fun shelves for your child’s room. The shelves offer plenty of space and a chance for your child to be more organized.

Desk and Chair: Once children start going to school, their room must be made into a place where they can have fun and study. It is always a great addition to their room if you add a desk or table and an upright chair. Always make sure that there is a direct light source over this desk or table. This way you can train your children to read on their desks or tables, whether its reading for school or for leisure.

Storage: Toys can clutter your child’s room as well as your entire house. Where toys in your child’s room can be placed on shelves or their cupboards, a smart way of storing toys around the house is to invest in vintage style trunks. Dolce Vita has a large variety of vintage style trunks to choose from. Not only do these trunks add some old school charm to your living room but offer extra space for storage that is ideal for parents with children.

Hamper: Whether you are a parent to a newborn or to toddlers, hampers are a must for children’s rooms. Babies, toddlers and children all go through several outfits a day. Rather than having their dirty laundry strewn about their rooms, a hamper can simplify gathering their laundry. With a hamper in the room, there will be no missing socks, or laundry being found behind their bed or in their toy box.

Padded Furniture: If you child is learning to walk then it is important to protect them from their falls. Having a carpeted room for your toddler is always a great idea. In addition to this, padded furniture also affords the protection your child needs from corners and edges of adult furniture. Dolce Vita Junior Series offers a range of padded furniture that can protect your child from getting hurt. The range includes beds, sofas, tables and nightstands.

You can find some lovely children’s furniture at Dolce Vita Homes in Lahore & Islamabad.