Lets face it, we all share the common dream, especially common people like us. A good degree, a great job, a settled family life, and a cosy home. While for some cosy means simple, for me a home is a place I don’t need a vacation from. This is why I took a long time when deciding where to make a house, what plot to choose, how big a garden to have, if we need a basement or not…the list goes on. HOME ENTERTAINMENT 

Recently, while planning the entertainment room of the house, I went around finding the perfect equipment. I realized the more I searched, the more complicated it got. There is such a influx of technology these days, and so many brands doing such good quality work that it can get very confusing if you aren’t very tech savy.


When I visited Bang & Olufsen Pakistan, I had it at the back of my mind that it is an exclusive brand and I am going to control my urge to splurge. Having known the peeps at Synergy Technologies, responsible for bringing the brand to Pakistan, boasting a good range of home entertainment solutions, I also knew I was in for a treat.


Was I right or what, as the mix of design and technology really changed the way I had been thinking about home entertainment. For a basic person like me, the way the brand thinks of comfort, lifestyle, design, while imparting a visual experience like no other, B&O was a revelation. It is sheer beauty and elegance, with powerful technology to back it up. The visual experience and hi end design work goes hand in hand to make the brand leave its peers behind by miles.

Not too long ago, the person holding the remote was in the seat of power, now with the entire family using smart phones, tablets, things have changed. Now you won’t adjust yourself to the TV, with the BeoVision Avant, the TV on a motorized floor stand adjusts to wherever you are in the room.

If that’s not fascinating enough, the lighting control system, helps you set the mood and ambiance of the room. How does that work you think?

Imagine you want a romantic dinner in the comfort of your lounge. It is a hot day and you dont want to do much. With the BeoLink you have mood control options, the lights are adjusted at the right nuance, the music sets the mood just right, the temperature control allows the airconditioning to be exactly what you desire, even the blind on your windows open and close on cue. And all this with just the click of the BeoVision Avant’s remote. Don’t believe us? Here is a demo


BEOVISION Avant; the ultimate luxury TV, rebooted for a more flexible and independent television experience!

Experience it at:
Experience Centre Lahore: 19/1 K, Gulberg II.
Experience Centre Karachi: Building No.1C, 3rd Floor, Lane 5, Kh-e-Bukhari DHA Phase 6

Posted by Bang & Olufsen Pakistan on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


What is even more tempting is the design. The coming together of aluminum and wood, the option of matching your accessories with the interior, this is not just buying home entertainment, this is you making your dream living space.

It is giving yourself the best there is out there, making your home a space that you don’t want an escape from, but can’t wait to get back to.


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.