momina mustehsan cokestudio 9

Coke Studio season 9 is out!  We are super excited for each action-packed episode featuring music from some of the country’s most talented artists. Since season 7, Ehtesham Ansari, one of Pakistan’s prominent stylists has been developing the complete looks for the artists, the string session, vocalists and the house band. We got talking Ehtesham Ansari and here is what our conversation was like:

Tell us a little bit about your experience as a stylist in Coke Studio season 9.

I have been associated with CS since season 7. It’s been getting better and better. Coke studio philosophy does not revolve around fashion, so the pressure is never to make fashion statement. It has made it more challenging as translating music into a look by keeping not only the feel of the song but artist personality in mind as well. It has been great learning experience. The platform has provided me to work with legends and new blood along with established one’s. I appreciate everyone who has applauded and critiqued me.


Talk to us about some of your favourite looks from Coke Studio. 

I will not say favourite as I always feel it could have been better! However, I do feel excited as how the audience will respond to a few looks. In this season, there were more the 40 artists out of them I am most excited about Messha Shafi, Mehwish Hayyat, Sara Haider, Reacheal, Zeb, Umair Jaswal, Ali Azmat and Asim Azhar. Theses artists will be seen in some very diffrent looks as compared to how they have previously been filmed on screen.

Why were these looks your favourite?

I find these looks interesting as they have some kind of oomph. For instance, Mehwish Hayyat is debuting as a musician. Previously, I have styled her as an actress but this time she will be seen as a singer! So the look is going to be on diffrent notes. As for Umair; I enjoyed styling him because he can carry anything (thanks to his physique!) For Meesha; I loved styling her because my creative process required room for her super edgy look. It was a challenging bit because you have to live up her standards!


Tell us about your experience styling the house band and the vocalists?

House band string session and vocalists are the back bone of Coke Studio. Styling them was fun because I was not actually working on one look but for every single song they were a part of. String session maintains a constant look while the house band and vocalists have to compliment or balance the lead singers looks!

What is the one thing that you absolutely love about styling?

At times I have been mentioned as a pioneer of the the profession in Pakistan! It is my passion and I absolutely enjoy every bit of the process! From research to the photograph posted on social media.


Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.