cold sores

Cold Sores are contagious? Yes. Cold Sores are incurable? Yes. But they don’t have to be a pain if you know that you carry the Herpes Simplex Virus. And if you know you have it, then you should also know the warning signs.

Cold Sores start from a burning around your mouth and then they just pop. So it’s better to take precautions as early as possible if you want to get rid of these pesky blisters FAST.

While they can be prevented, (but not completely eliminated from your immune system), these 5 tried and tested home remedies for Cold Sores will give you some relief.


When a cold sore is in its popping stages, it itches, so a good amount of layering of lip balm can tone down the tingling and irritation and speed up the healing process. Although it is preferred to use a lemon lip balm since it has antiviral properties, however a common lip balm has personally helped me.


Honey as well know can put up a good fight against bacteria, so it will give your cold sore the same effect provided it is purely organic. A good amount can settle the sore from spreading.


Icing and cold compression don’t necessarily get rid of the cold sores altogether, however they do keep the inflammation at bay, which is why people even use icing on calming an aggressive pimple. Continue soothing the cold sore as needed.


Believe it or not, but this does help. Less caffeine, less stress, sunscreen, water intake, hormonal changes, viral infections, exposure to the sun and harsh winds, can trigger the cold sore virus. So, you have to be extra careful if you know that you are easily prone to it, hence it starts from YOU.


It does sooth an active cold sore based on my research and experience. I diluted it with water to avoid stinging and applied it on the cold sore when needed.

WARNING: Never pop a cold sore.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.