Its Get Fit March here at SiddySays and this is the right time, just before summer hits, to adapt a healthy lifestyle. We participated in one of the coolest female-led fitness events, Danceathon in collaboration with AimFit and Ayesha Nasir of ScaryAmmi at The Nishat Hotel in Johar Town and we loved what we witnessed.

This is the second year of Danceathon and it is not just a bunch of women coming together, rather it is a movement. An adrenaline-pumping, knee-jerking group workout for women from all walks of life. Almost 600 women of all ages, sizes and physiques got together, painted their faces neon, put on their dancing shoes, and brought their A game for this exciting and somewhat revolutionary event. Ten blood pumping, foot tapping tracks were played to keep the participants enthralled and entertained, so the workout was more fun, less work. The trainers had the energy to bring the house down as they kept encouraging everyone on the floor, while demonstrating the slick moves, especially created for the event.

“This is the second year that Danceathon has been planned by ScaryAmmi and AimFit, In 2019, the first of its kind Danceathon was organized by this dynamic duo at The Nishat in Gulberg. There is a plan to make it even bigger and better in the future and to take it to other citites”, a very excited Ayesha Nasir, the original Scaryammi told us.


She went on to say that, “Danceathon is so much more than a mega workout class. It’s a coming together of women from all walks of life, all shapes, all sizes. It’s a step toward making fitness a part of the daily lives of women.”

We have always loved such initiatives that make it easier for women to step up and lead more well rounded lives. Seeing 17 year old to 70 year old women, moving to various beats for nearly two hours was heartening and inspiring. By the end of it, everyone was sweaty, tired, but still pumped and we really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in putting up the fantastic event.

Looking forward to a bigger, better and even more entertaining Danceathon by these ladies soon.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.