Deepak Perwani has long been a name synonymous with couture fashion in the Pakistani industry. He has been around for a long time (over 20 years as he once told us) and is recognized as one of the most coveted fashion designers based out of Karachi. Now, to add another feather to his hat, Deepak has been recognized for his efforts by the International Bulgarian Fashion Awards.

So what exactly is the ‘International Bulgarian Fashion Awards’? First off all, it is an award ceremony held by the Bulgarian Fashion Council called Camara Moda. At this ceremony, they give out awards in different categories of fashion by the European Fashion Council.

Let us be clear; the European Fashion Council and the Camara Moda are two separate entities working together to produce the Awards in question. During the Sofia Fashion Week [To be held January 28-February 3], the General Assembly of European Fashion Council will take place. During this, the Council will honour the award-winning national fashion designers and will also honour the international trade relations by Diplomatic Fashion Receptions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (02.02.2015), Pakistan (31.01.2015), and Nigeria (01.02.2015) in various locations.

This year, Deepak Perwani has been recognized by this council as the sixth most innovative design house in the world among the top ten fashion designers from the middle-eastern region making this the first Pakistani brand to have won this award. There are nine locations sorted by continents from where someone can be nominated. Ten designers are selected from each location. Although, Deepak is from Asia, he has been nominated through the Middle East – probably because Asia was already full?!?

He will also be receiving the following as part of his win: “Fan’s Favorite Award”, “Unique Guinness Acknowledgment” and “Charitable Initiatives” and will be signing an MOU joining the Fashion Pakistan Council with European Fashion Council and the Bulgarian Fashion Council by pen and paper.

Commenting on this achievement, Deepak Perwani said, “It’s a matter of immense honour and privilege for me to have won these awards for Pakistan. I believe that our country is a hub of vast talents and the recent participations of various design houses from Pakistan at international fashion platforms is a testament to this fact.”

While the International Bulgarian Fashion Awards are not considered the badd-est wolf of them all – they still mark a respectable win for our industry. To be recognized internationally for fashion sends out a soft image of Pakistan, something we desperately need.

Title Image: E Buzz Today.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.