More often than not, we pressure ourselves into doing things, instead of simply doing them. We force our minds and bodies by putting undue stress into completing a task, which perhaps should have been done without the mind-boggling hassle. I am one of them, by the way and this usually happens when I am running behind schedule or I don’t get time to follow the schedule, and for most us, it’s due to sheer laziness. What happens during this process is that we neither end up doing what we were supposed to and at the same time, we badger and demean ourselves, constantly feeling bad for it. So, I told myself that this year I’d encourage myself to not bully myself into doing things under pressure. But before we get into how to do things without pressurizing ourselves, we need to understand how we internally intimidate ourselves in doing something.

So we all remember that while growing up, our parents used to make us do house chores, give indicators to behave in a certain way and basic mannerism to discipline us, and that’s fine because we should keep our room clean, closet in order and clear the table after eating etc – this is pretty much what we all had to do all our lives, but in truth the problem arises when we are TOLD to do something, that’s when the joy rides feels like a bummer, as a result we get deprived of the feeling of contentment.

Anything done with a little bit of desire in our heart means that we want to do it and that you’re not forcing your mind or running on a clock to finish whatever it is that you have to do. But when we say that I HAVE to do it or I SHOULD automatically equates to pressure. So we internalize the attack on ourselves by being inwardly bossy which has a negative impact on our strength over all.

It’s common sense to understand and know that we don’t develop or grow as strong individuals when we don’t have our heart into anything. Stoking desire will want you finish that book that’s been lying on your nightstand for a week, or the do the dishes etc. And personally we’ve started working on not forcing ourselves into doing anything and it has resulted in:

  • making us feel happy more and more
  • you’re empowering yourself and become responsible for your own happiness
  • you will feel light and more importantly, interested
  • improve your skills like managing
  • and the best, feel great because you will not have anything pending on your head

Focusing on the right reasons by lowering the unnecessary pressure. Imagine, you’re off to somewhere and your running low on fuel, you don’t want to go to the petrol station, but yo HAVE to otherwise you’re going to have to get your car pushed. So, what’s the right thing to do? DON’T BULLY YOURSELF, SPARK DESIRE AND DO IT THEN WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU WANT TO DO!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.