Dragonfly Prints

When speaking of ‘prints’ in Lahore, the last thing that comes to your mind is graphics for the wall. In a market dominated by lawn ‘prints’ it was unusual and refreshing to hear of the project started by the famous Dragonfly Photography, Dragonfly Prints. This new branch of the established photography studio is committed to designing exclusive limited edition, graphic illustration for interiors.

We spoke to Uma Faisal the driving force behind Dragonfly Prints about her inspirations, her drive and where she intends on taking this fresh new idea. Uma, who is a degree holder in Graphic design is famously known as a part of the Dragonfly Studio and is married to the incredibly talented Faisal Farooqui.

This is what Uma had to tell us about Dragonfly Prints:

We understand you have just launched ‘Dragonfly Prints’. What exactly is it?

Dragonfly Prints is my dream which I have worked on for 6 years to bring to life. These are primarily graphical and hand illustrated prints made only in limited numbers. They are like paintings of my thoughts but medium is new. These prints are designed for anywhere in your home where ever you want to add a bit of character or colour.

What was the inspiration behind launching Dragonfly Prints?

My inspiration are my life experiences, I observe and study everything around me. I love colors! I want walls to have nice, simple, bright yet thoughtful graphics. Its quite simply graphic design for walls…

Do you work solo or is there a team behind you? 

Its always team work. I am a very lucky person to have my extremely talented sister Anam working with me on my every design project I undertake. She is also graphic designer and a very talented photographer. Above all I have a super supportive husband, Faisal… without his support nothing would have been possible.

Faisal Farooqui Uma Faisal

From conceptualizing the print to its execution; what is the process for creating these  prints?

Process begins with an idea! To conceptualize a thought, to put it on paper and then to bring it to life on the computer… to make its mood board for colors, then perfect color combinations to suit that particular idea. After finalizing it all we get the digital print on paper. The selection of mounting and frames follows…

If there is one thing you guys are looking to add under this umbrella to expand  Dragonfly Prints, what is it?

Everything needs its own time. The next step in my mind is to make limited editions cushions with these prints. These simple designs can always be screen printed and can add to the interior of any room. Customised wallpapers can be made in due time too.

Where and how are the Dragonfly Prints available?

Dragonfly Prints will be available from next week at Vaneeza Ahmed’s outlet on Hussain Chowk,  Lahore. They are already ready to be ordered online.

What the price points we are looking at and how are these prices determined?

Prices are very affordable. These are between PKR 8, 000 to 25, 000 depending on the size. Although art is always priceless.

Can we have our own prints customized?

Yes, that is the fun of working with a graphic designer and developing prints for your walls. You can always let us know your desired colors and we can make your own print on any size required for your space.

Are these prints readily available or made to order?

These prints are readily available at the outlet and the online store but you can order them too. Some of the prints however are exclusive with no other reproductions and and some have very limited copies which was a conscious decision we took for our designs.

Are you working on any interesting projects?

I am planning a fashion shoot with these prints. Lets see how it goes. Apart from that other design work and photography is keeping us quite busy, MashAllah.

What is the future like for Dragonfly Prints?

We are brimming with ideas and the world is ours to take on.  We’re just looking at going on and on…

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.