Its no secret, I am a lover of all things interiors, and am perpetually on the look out for things that make my space more comfortable and interesting. Which is why whenever I hear of anything interiors I jump to check it out.

Recently, Dolce Vita Homes, Pakistan’s premium luxury and sleep store launched its latest summer collection featuring the world renowned Restoration Living (RL) products. The Dolce Vita Home range of products is an extension of the lifestyle choices that define the passion for extraordinary homes & extraordinary living. Inspired by the new age charms and the unforgettable Classical era, Dolce Vita Home creates magic in our living spaces.

Since I have a very eclectic taste in things, I picked a few pieces that I loved for the home.

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dvh2Light is very important to set the mood of a room, and finding something that is the right mix of modern and quirky is not always easy. Which is why I loved this lamp, thanks to its design and simplicity and especially the fact that it can fit into any look.

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.