Imagine being lost in terrains and picturesque valleys while you reflect on life. Easypaisa Raahi and the musical man, Umair Jaswal are going to lure you into taking that leap of faith towards realizing your dreams in the 8-part travel-series that is going to explore and capture stories of places, different cultures and pierce into the heart of traditions that heighten the element of diversity in Pakistan by taking you to places that are almost forgotten.


While the pandemic has been hard on all of us, so have the repercussions with life being at a complete stand still. And though some may have adjusted to it, however the heart of a wanderer and those who yearn to get lost in the wilderness to find the meaning of life, have felt nothing but, confined. However, all hope is not lost because you can still revel in lush green valleys and blue water streams that can melt a stoic heart.

Kabhi zindagi main koi kami ho, kuch kho jaye toh usay dhoondnay kay liye khud ko khona parta hai” is the theme that Easypaisa Raahi built on with the teaser trailer. However, the first episode highlights the ache of wanting to rediscover that thing that’s been missing in your life in spite of having everything else in life.“Hum baray hotay jatay hain or jeena bholtay jaatay hain”. To fulfill your dreams and break free from the moulds of reality and let it go.

You feel over-whelmed and emotional if you’re someone who hears the call of the road and yearn to travel and see the sights the world has to offer. This wistfulness is exactly what the first episode shed light on. Easypaisa Raahi will take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection and be a visual delight in the process.

The second episode sees Jaswal set off on his journey and explore Lahore, here he meets the famous bike enthusiasts Zenith Irfan and Moin Khan. The episode shows some spectacular shots of Lahore and ends with Umair meeting Ali Azmat. The end of Episode 2 has everyone waiting in anticipation as it shows that the next shall feature the charismatic true Rockstar of the country, Ali Azmat.

While on this journey to multiple astounding locations on a motorbike all around Pakistan discovering places, people and cultures, Umair Jaswal will also be in sync with his roots attached to music and interact with celebrities in this 8 parttravel-series.

Easypaisa Raahi promises to be an exciting show and at the same time is sure enough to pump viewers with feelings of anticipation, reminiscence and fulfillment that comes with the joys of traveling in the episodes to come.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.