Rabia Butt for #ElanLawn 2015 - BTS Images (10)

Elan Lawn 2015

The Lawn madness continues its usual build up with the face of Elan revealed through select images released exclusively to SiddySays. The verdict is out… This year, Elan chooses Rabia Butt to front their Lawn campaign. Speaking about the campaign Rabia Butt said, ‘Heavenly Srilanka, Elan & I made tranquil high fashion history together. I can easily say it was an add to my list of most memorable assignments ever’.

Elan Lawn 2015

Why are we mildly borderline insane about Elan Lawn you ask? Honestly, Khadijah absolutely baffles us. The kind of almost cultish following that she has managed to achieve in the last few years is matched only by one or two… Just being at her exhibitions for the last few years has been an exhilarating experience and the ease Khadijah is taking and managing the success is inspiring for us as women personally.

Khadijah Shah #ElanLawn 2015 - BTS Images (12)

Speaking of Elan Lawn this year Khadijah said, ‘Elan Lawn is ever evolving and we are on a voyage of discovery. Every year we embark on an adventure in our quest to be a step ahead, shine brighter and live up to our reputation to be the most coveted luxury lawn brand in Pakistan’. When asked specifically about the face of Elan Khadijah added, ‘The Elan woman is strong, confident and worldly – she’s wild at heart but has a poised demeanor… She likes to make bold statements and stands out anywhere she goes. Elan has been celebrating such women since the inception of Elan Lawn… from Amina Sheikh to Nargis Fakhri and Mahira. All these women are not just faces but powerhouses in their own right. Keeping with this tradition, we chose Rabia Butt this year who has a dazzling bright future ahead of her and after establishing her status as a top model, is all is set to make a silver screen debut this spring. I have always felt that is there is any international calibre model in Pakistan it is her. She is astoundingly beautiful and her exotic dark looks made her picture perfect Elan voyager on an adventure of a lifetime’. 

So what shall we expect from Elan this season?? To start with Elan will be Elan which means distinctly recognizable and from what we’re hearing a step ahead in terms of ‘detailing’ which isn’t typically found in Lawns. Khadijah combined some global influences to produce the patterns which range from Moroccan motifs to Sub Continental inspirations fused with Oriental and Ottoman inspired patterns and even European ethos based on the Sicilian design heritage. PHEW!

Khadijah trusted the campaign with Guddu Shani who brought the shoot to life in Galle, SriLanka.

Galle Srilanka #ElanLawn 2015 - BTS Images (15)

Guddu #ElanLawn 2015 - BTS Images (17)

Are you expecting a maddening exhibition well we here there is an interesting change in the sales strategy this year… What it is, only time will tell. For now, wait for more, right here on SiddySays.

Elan Lawn

 Images credit: Visual Prophecy

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner