We all love Èlan for many reasons but mostly for the diversity that is prominent in their designs. At Èlan, you have the option of picking out stunning western wear designs like gowns, skirts and modern silhouettes, or you can pick out the signature Èlan couture outfit featuring heavy embellishments, or you can even opt for extremely stylish and spot-on trendy ensembles from their Èlan Vital collection.

For those of you who do not know, Èlan Vital is a line by the brand that comprises of outfits perfect for everyday wear and range to semi-formal outfits that makes for an excellent evening wear choice as well. We got our hands on the latest collection introduced by Èlan Vital and it is the epitome of très chic. The collection is called the ‘Mandarin Collection’ and believe us, you will fall completely and utterly in love with it.

The collection stars a variety of eight unique easternwear designs that have been inspired by Oriental scenic imagery, animals and Chinese fans. The range showcases soft colour palettes such as pastels like mint greens, soft pinks, crispy yellows and more that are perfect for summer and remain true to the season’s most coveted trends. Some of these visible trends are cropped cigarette pants, straight & shorter hemlines, sheer borders, pleats, pearls and the likes. The Mandarin Collection has been modelled by the incredibly talented model Amna Baber. What we just love about this collection, and all other collections by the label, is that it is very wearable and stunning at the same time.

Furthermore, you will be happy to know that shopping from Èlan is now super easy. Feel free to check out the brand’s store or you can’t then simply shop online at www.èlan.pk

In the meantime, take a quick look at the Mandarin Collection and do tell us what you think!




Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.