A true fashionista exudes confidence and a sense of effortless outfit creativity that leaves some in awe of the wonders they are capable of. They share their talent with the work and with the endless stream of posts outlining their outfits. They show us how ingenious they are with the varying styles they adopt and if donning the same outfit (God Forbid!) they fiddle around with it to the point there is no similarity to the prior getup. Fashion mistakes in their world are unforgiveable and here are the fashion faux-pas fashionistas would never make – our list of favourite IT girls will show you how it should be done!

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Mahira Khan Outhouse Over-Accessorizing

Rather than overdoing the jewellery or the makeup (which looks horrendous), they build their outfit around one primary statement piece. They may mix and match stuff but they know where to stop. The overdone look may look very funky but let’s just leave for the ad campaigns etc and not the real world.

(Image: Instagram)

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