Our lives these days are on a fast track, and always looking good can be a challenge. Especially, when there is always going to be a silly little problem that HAS to pop up and create unnecessary, unforeseen fashion drama. So what are some of the basic fashion hacks that any woman can apply to save the day? Without further ado, here are the fashion hacks every woman MUST know:

Busy travelling schedules? 

Keep clothes wrinkle free by packing them in dry cleaning bags!

Packed summer schedules and limited travel space? 

Roll up your clothes, rather than folding – less wrinkles and more space A.K.A MORE OUTFITS!

Got some off-the-rack faux jewellery you fancy that’s losing its bling? 

Paint it with clear nail polish! It will protect the finish from fading or chipping off. Truly works wonders!

Dirty collar, thanks to foundations, face powders and the likes?

Apply a thin layer of shaving cream, wherever there may be any foundation stains. Allow the shaving cream to soak in for a bit and EUREKA – stain is gone! Miraculous, isn’t it?

Scratches taking over the leather shoes?

Take a soft cloth and rub a teensy bit of moisturiser in a gentle circular motion on the scratches.

Oil stains ruining your favourite dress/shirt?

Two options: Rub a bit of baby powder onto the stain and after settling for a bit, dust it off. Or, you can apply some dish washing detergent directly onto the stain before tossing it into the washing machine.

Patent shoes losing their shine?

Shine up those babies with some glass cleaning liquid.

Want to avoid getting tears in your tights on a night out? 

Spritz some hairspray on the tights where the tears may appear!

Got tears in your tights and want to avoid further damage?

Paint the edges of the rip with clear nail polish for damage control!

Sweater Weather mood and the hoodie string slipped out? 

Put the string of your hoodie back into the hood by threading it through a straw.

Embarrassing sweat stains ruining your white summer tees? 

Use some lemon juice to clean it up: spray it on before you throwing it in the wash

Want a neat & tidy tee collar? 

Use a hair straightener!

Pesky buttons loosening up?

Stop them from falling off, with a layer of nail varnish over the threads.

Want quick beach waves? 

Part your hair into four sections in loose braids. Run a straightener over it and within minutes you’re done!

Need to run RIGHT AFTER a mani/pedi session?

Fast dry your nails by either dipping in ice cold water or blowing with a blow dryer (cool air!)

Some disgusting person’s chewing gum stuck on your clothes/shoes?

Remove it by rubbing ice till it hardens – dispose it off immediately then ☺

Jeans have been worn but not enough to need a wash?

Store them in the freezer overnight to get rid of any odours (please don’t make the mistake of washing your jeans repeatedly)

Damaged heels of those shoes that complete your outfit?

Paint on with the same colour nailpolish or permanent marker to make a damaged shoe wearable on a night out.

Mascara getting flaky?

Add a few drops of saline solution to the mascara which will make it applicable again (please do not use it for more than the product shelf life)