ICC World Cup

Recently, while scrolling down Facebook aimlessly, we came across a ‘What’s You Flavor?’ campaign by Lays Wavy on their page and it seems that they are giving away tickets for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015! The World Cup is happening in Australia this time around and we, for one, cannot be more thrilled.

Ah, we really wish we could attend the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 even though it is continents and oceans away. Meanwhile, a girl IS ALLOWED to dream. Here is a list of things we would do if we won the #whatsyourflavor campaign and were headed to Australia (or you can do if you’ll be in Australia, by a lucky chance, at the time!):

Lays Wavy ICC Competition

Be excited, be very excited!

If we WON a free pass to Australia to see the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup- the first on our list would be to be excited and be uber excited. It IS a once in a lifetime opportunity after all!

Pack up & Pack Right

Pack all your travel essentials! Clothes, accessories, medicine, passport and more. Do NOT forget to pack sunscreen. Make sure you pack right though because Australia is not only continents away it is below the equatorial line which means when summer is coming to Pakistan, it is going from Australia. So, be prepared!

Brush Up Your History

Before heading to the World Cup Final make sure you brush up on all your history of the Cup. Be it previous world cups or the matches that took place yesterday!

Be a Fan

Know which team you will be supporting. Hopefully Pakistan will win this year (fingers crossed), however, if not, make sure you know which team you want to be supporting and then show it. Dress up and partake in the Cup with enthusiasm!

Look Up Places to Visit

If you ARE headed to Australia for the Cup, there no reason not to explore. Before you leave, look up places you can visit while you are there. Are there any beaches you would like to visit? Or is there a specific historic site that captures your attention? Whatever, it is, look up the places and have fun while you are there!

FYI, you can also be a part of this competition by simply texting on 9005 and mentioning your favorite flavor #whatsyourflavor.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.