The madness of FPW15 has come to an end, but our head is still reeling from the fashion overdose!! Three days and endless showcases with some inspiring and some very ‘sellable’ collections have us thinking if Fashion Weeks are really being done justice to.

From celebrity show stoppers, to tacky numbers and a bevy of beauties parading clothes from some of the big names of the industry, we unfortunately didn’t have a very hard time picking our favorite things from FPW15.

Here is a list!

1. Shehla Chatoor

Elegance, glamour, royalty are just words that describe Shehla’s ‘All the Raj’ collection. Luxurious velvet, heavily embellished silks with zardozi, mukesh and traditional tilla and silhouettes ranging from luminous dhoti pants, structured jackets, kimono sleeves and a two layered leather lehnga in black had us swooning. The collection was a testament to the brand’s range as far as creating with fabrics and silhouettes goes, their fearless approach to experimentation without losing relevance, and this is why the collection has made it to our favorite’s list!

2. Elan

Power packed and impactful Elan’s ‘Suavage’ collection was true to its name and inspiration. Boasting zoological and botanical elements beautifully crafted on capes, voluminous dresses, gowns and jackets this collection was all about bringing together dark alluring aspects of nature and pure glam! The intricacy of print and embellishment, the way the design elements were highlighted with use of embroidery was nothing short of spectacular. The accessory game in the collection was extremely strong as Elan partnered with Indian jewelry brand Valliyan to bring the looks to perfection, making it one of our favorite collections at FPW15.

3. Nida Azwer

The ‘Mystical Garden’ collection by Nida Azwer was a treat for sore eyes! The soothing color palette, the intricate details, the dhoti pants, the off shoulder shirts, added a variety to the collection yet keeping it together and cohesive. The collection as the name suggests drew inspiration from enchanted elements such as wasps, grasshoppers, dragonflies, birds an bees. Our favorite piece was definitely the dhoti pants embellished with pearls, paired with a structured jacket. Nida Azwer played with silhouettes, fabrics and embellishments, however we feel some more attention to styling the pieces could have made some statement pieces stand out more, still the collection has our thumbs up!

4. Faraz Mannan

Easily the most talented designer in the Pakistani fashion scene, Faraz Mannan was a class apart at FPW15. The brand is known for its attention to detail and finesse and each outfit was just that, fashion at its finest. The luxurious outfits, the creative silhouettes and the grace was on impeccable display in this collection. The saree pant had us swooning as Faraz proved his genius yet again! From pastels to darker maroons there was no half hearted display in any ensemble. He has our vote for he most detailed and authentic collection!

5. Neelofer Shahid

The name is synonymous with class and poise. Inspired by the work and life of Dutch artist Rembrandt, the collection was an ode to the man’s genius. Even though we felt the translation of the inspiration was somewhat literal, still it matched the signature style and grandeur of Neelofer Shahid’s creativity. Based on 5 distinct segments inspired by Rembrandts life the collection started off with digital prints and draped outfits, moving on to the Baroque collection boasting of luxurious fabrics and voluminous silhouettes. The third ‘military’ inspired collection had structured red jackets and capes that were paired with customized ankle boots translated Rembrandts ‘night watch’ impeccably. The finale started with layered black outfits depicting a dark phase in the artists life and the show stopper adorned by Mehreen Syed inspired by ‘The Jewish Bride’ left us breathless and somewhat speechless. Perhaps the most well thought out collection at FPW15 we salute the hard work and passion of Neelofer Shahid!


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.