One of the most anticipated collections this year at the Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 Winter Festive Edition was by Shehla Chatoor. Like every year, we expected to see a strong collection on the ramp by Shehla and she did not fail to deliver! Her entire collection was a magnificent sight on the catwalk.

We spent some time shadowing her, watching her put together a showcase worthy of a standing ovation. We went to the designer pre-show to find out what she was planning for the pending show. She gave us a glimpse into her exquisitely handcrafted thread-work clutches and some samples that were meant to go on the ramp.

On the day of the event, we joined the designer during rehearsals. The show was being produced by HSY and together, they discussed all the best possible catwalk options along with plenty of practice to ensure a smooth running. Backstage at the rehearsals, models were being prepped by Nabila salon’s talented hair & makeup artists.

For Shehla Chatoor’s show, we were present both backstage and front. Backstage was relatively clam and sorted considering all the preps had been handle already. The models were all dressed up and ready to rock the ramp.

The collection itself was titled ‘Tresor’ meaning ‘Treasure’ and it truly resonated the essence of the word. Using a beautiful color palate featuring ivorys, black, golds with a little hint of greens, the collection showcased a variety of eastern cuts, along with numerous fusion silhouettes that are perfect for the contemporary and edgy woman. We truly loved the fact that even though this collection was one with a different concept, Shehla managed to keep her signature alive in every ensemble she showcased.

After shadowing Shehla Chatoor was this entire collection showcase, we learned that she is a designer with exceptional foresight and has incredible organising skills. It was refreshing to see someone so calm and sorted before, during and after her showcase (along with the entire team!).

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.