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Our avid readers know well that we, at SiddySays, are always on the lookout for talented people in all fields related to fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. Which is why, we were ecstatic to discover Noor Khan. Noor Khan is an architect, yes. But he is not just any architect. He is the representation of the next generation of architects of Pakistan who understand spaces as opposed to merely buildings and/or structures.

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Noor Khan holds his architectural degree from Beaconhouse National University and has initially worked with the famous Rashid Rasheed and Saad Mahmood in SR Designworks for about two and a half years where he worked on numerous commercial and non-commercial projects. Since then, he has setup his own practice, three years running.

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His portfolio boasts projects like Polo by Ralph Lauren,  Ortho-K Eye Clinic, LRBT Hospitals, SICAS School Systems, Kids Kampus, Stoneage outlet MM Alam road, outlet designs for Dermalogica Pakistan, Interior Design for Splitends Express, Arbi Soft Office, DESCON Sports complex, residential projects and more. Polo by Ralph Lauren Interior Design and Execution-5

“Architecture has been my passion and I always intended to become an architect. I grew up watching my father and grand father build their careers around construction; both of them being engineers by profession. My grand father being the chief engineer North (starting from Khanpur to Srinagar) was kind enough to take me along and show dams and other massive buildings around the country. I always got inspired by the vastness of those monumental structures and how they would relate to their context. The Philosophy that goes into designing a space, how an architect can control motions, views, feelings and even moods in a space is a thought that has always encapsulated me. Each day I am fascinated by architecture and the depth that this profession; rather a way of life, has to offer. I know for a fact that no one can ever fully comprehend architecture, but I have a hunger to learn more of it. Each day. “


I strive to make architecture that celebrates the beauty of life through natural light and dynamic spaces. I am open to experimentation and welcome criticism. The superficiality of trends does not interest me.

Among his services Noor Khan provides architectural services, interior design services including furniture customisation, landscaping along with other details tailored for specific spaces. If you are looking to get in touch with him or for more information on his work and portfolio, Noor Khan Studio is located at 2 Old College Road, Opposite Governor House, Lahore. You can also get in touch through his website and his Facebook page or email him directly at

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.