Generation Eid


I remember, years ago, when I was practically a child, my elder sister would wear all these beautiful clothes she bought from a shop near Liberty in Lahore called GENERATION. Those colorful (almost punkish) shirts she wore back in the late 80’s early 90’s were a statement in themselves (the Boy George, Wham era if you recall) Almost 20 years later, GENERATION’s strength still is its innovation, relevance to the present time and trends whilst keeping intact its own unique essence which has roots embedded deep in our heritage.

The recent collaboration between GENERATION and Abdullah Harris for two lines of Eid Collection is a testament to the brands commitment to giving its patrons the best. The two lines for Eid ‘Les Jardin’ and ‘Falleaf Collection’ are as different as can be yet they embody the brands essence completely.

‘Les Jardin’ meaning ‘The garden’ is inspired by French botanical gardens, elegantly layered delicate prints of daffodils, chrysanthemums and carnations with rich appliqué designs on French net, for a more festive gathering and perfect for an Eid lunch. The colours, as from a garden, are fresh and sublime with a touch of sophistication for the modern woman.

The ‘Falleaf Collection’, is younger more bohemian in spirit. With modern silhouettes and solid colors, the collection breaks the monotony of current fashion. The fluid tunics are in a breathable textured fabric that can be styled in a million different ways and the autumn color palette ranging from dusty pinks to bright magentas and everything in between is a welcome addition in the spectrum of Ready to wear clothes.

Very reasonably priced for the style and quality, both the collections have the character to make their way into my wardrobe for completely different occasions and looks. From textured fabrics and innovative silhouettes to the Boho Chic capes and cullots (available as separates) GENERATION offers such a variety which makes clothes wearable and fun.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.