Generation FPW 16

‘The dot that went for a walk’, GENERATION’s FPW16 collection is a celebration of movement and motion. Based heavily in cottons, the clothes are innovative, contemporary and very feminine (without being floral!). We headed over to GENERATION HQ to meet Khadija Rahman, the powerhouse behind the brand and to see what the team has been up to getting this collection together.

As we said before, the collection is all about flowing silhouettes and a deconstruction of what we know of the traditional eastern silhouette. The Kurtas have been worked on so as to change the way they are worn. The shalwar is coming in a big way and in many varieties, but the most interesting is the way the dupatta has been played around with, giving endless ways of carrying this often hard to wear third staple in an eastern outfit.

Generation FPW 16-7

The color palate is a mix, however it mostly is an ode to the shades of the setting sun. The blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, transcending into hues of pinks makes it easy on the eyes. And the volume and creative details inserted in what we know traditional clothes to me will make this a stand out collection for the ramp.

Generation FPW 16-12

This is not all, besides being creative, it is also very wearable. It does deal with the eastern silhouette but brings it forth in a very contemporary way which is a result of team GENERATION’s creativity. We know we will love what we see, and already have our eyes on a few pieces as soon as they hit the store!

God Speed!

Generation FPW 16-16

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.