This time, as the summer mania rolls in, looking for clothes will as usual be a nightmare. However, Ready to Wear offers a respite and for years and years now, Generation has been serving this market… We in fact, nostalgically, look back at a time when Generation, Sundip and the likes of Teejays pioneered Ready to Wear.

As the summer turns its head waking from its short slumber we call Winters, we are looking forward to seeing what Generation has in store for us to save us from the scorching heat (and tailors).

The brand is launching their Spring Summer 2015 collection called ‘Indigo Dreams’ that seeks to capture the traditional Eastern refinement and contemporary chic simultaneously. The collection features as many as 37 designs in a distinct color palette that highlights simplicity and subtlety utilizing fresh indigo hues working with cool darks, white and antique whites. Which makes it easier to wear during the summertime.

As per the Generation philosophy, the collection has wearable outfits that have printed surfaces which capture organic geometric shapes created through the coveted art of tie-dyeing featuring the symbol of divine lotus and the grape leaf. All ensembles have been made using the finest quality of voile cloth perfect for summer wear in single and two pieces.

The best part you ask? The collection will be retailed between PKR 2300 to PKR 3600 ONLY! If you are looking to buy – the collection will be available for retail across seven stores in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad. We are also supremely floored by the shoot itself which is absolutely breathtaking.

Speaking about the launch of “Indigo Dreams”, Director Generation, Khadija Rehman has said, “At Generation, our story extends from our history and legacy where we are proud to have been pioneers of fast fashion in Pakistan; with each collection, we look to further our tradition and build on our heritage.’

A little birdie told us to look out for two new Generation stores in 2015!!

Shoot by Abdullah Haris. Title Image: BTS, Abdullah Haris and Abeer Rizvi.


Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.