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We love interiors, and there is nothing more important in the house than a cosy, comfy bed. However, a comfortable bed isn’t enough, it must also look the part, lets face it an unkempt bed doesn’t add to the beauty of the room.

This is why we spoke to our friends at IDEAS by Gul Ahmed who make some of the best quality and design when it comes to bed sets and duvets. Here is what you need to do this summer to make sure your sleeping space is always on point.

All Images courtesy IDEAS by Gul Ahmed

ga bed 2Introduce Colors

It is scorching outside, and your energy can be sapped in seconds, but in the house you need everything to lift your spirit. Which is why colors in the house are always uplifting. Add some colors to your bed sets in a tasteful way so as to not over power the room, but add the freshness it needs.

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