gluco minipax

How many times do you remember having a horrible movie experience with the kids yelling and crying frantically, and whining one too many times for wanting to go home during the movie and you had to “hush” and “hiss”, and eventually ended up outside with an embarrassed look on your face. Well, not anymore, because your kids are in for a surprise, and you in relief.

Pakistan’s largest network, Cinepax Cinema’s who are committed on bringing the best of comfort and entertainment have partnered with our favorite Gluco Peek Freans by bringing Gluco Minipax at Packages Mall – a fully loaded space for children with movie-going parents.

Gluco Minipax is a happy colourful space that will give the entire family to enjoy movies just the way they like it. From normal seats to bean bags, sofa beds, kids can lounge however they like while the parents watch over them as well as get entertained. Children have the choice to take off their shoes, lounge on the floor, play with toys or simply read a book. The open concept space exudes #feelgoodvibes and serves as a festive distraction for children of all ages. Gluco Minipax also promotes creative growth and development of your child on their own pace, and more importantly, comfort. Furthermore, there’s a 10 meter slide that goes all the way down to a pit where the kids relax right in front of their parents eyes! Now, that is what is called, complete family entertainment.

Cinepax Cinema’s are breaking the traditional barrier of movie experience for the entire family with Gluco Minipax kick starting the feel of what it could possibly be like to finally watch movies with your kids. Gluco Minipax also has a lounge where children are encouraged to sit and colour or draw as well.

Gluco Minipax is a very smart initiative by Cinepax Cinemas that is fostered on providing a safe and secure environment for families and their young ones along with comfort and entertainment, and enhance your movie experience. So, have you been to Gluco Minipax yet?

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast