Digital Prints have been all the rage recently, especially in the world of Pakistani high street Pret. Last year Gul Ahmed’s Ideas Pret launched its own digital dreams collection that we loved for its colours and bold designs. As an extension to the Digital Dreams line, Ideas Pret has now introduced the second volume-Nautica!

1-Ideas By Gul Ahmed - Digital Dreams- Nautica (25)


This new collection is now available at more than 70 Gul Ahmed IDEAS outlets and leading retailers nationwide at a price range from PKR 2,500 to PKR 10,000.

As the name suggests, the collection takes inspiration from the nautical and maritime elements, from ships, maps and more as well as from elements of marine life itself. The colour palette for Nautica draws on deep-sea hues, fusing exciting textures across a diversity of 28 individual designs.

2-Ideas By Gul Ahmed - Digital Dreams- Nautica (30)

Speaking about the brand’s latest collection, Executive Director Gul Ahmed, Mr. Ziad Bashir said, “2016 is an exciting year for Ideas by Gul Ahmed; the demand of ready to wear has risen immensely in both the local and international market of expatriate South Asians, and we take pride in being one the most recognizable, reliable and accessible names when it comes to pret wear. In 2016, we look to diversify our pret wear design sensibility along with our continued commitment to an expanded accessibility.” 32-Parveen Bashir and Maheen Khan

We are looking forward to discussing the collection more in depth once we get our hands on the kurtas. Till then here is a look of Nutica’s launch and some vivacious prints!

4-Ideas By Gul Ahmed - Digital Dreams- Nautica (51) (2)


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.