gul ahmed

As the lawn season approaches, we are usually filled with an anxiety to find some of the best outfits for the season. These outfits need to be practical, stylish and above all unique. This season, Gul Ahmed has made our lives so much easier by re-lawn-ching the concept of lawn.

We all know Gul Ahmed as a pioneer in designer wear lawn that is practical, affordable and stylish. This year, they have launched two different categories, the Summer Premium lawn and the Summer Essential lawn. Each category having a variety of collections under its umbrella.

The Summer Essential Lawn

As the name suggests, this category is all about the collections that feature ensembles you must have in your wardrobe. This coming season, the Summer Essential category has lawns that are an absolute staple. The fabric is light and breezy that keeps the collection practical. Whereas, there are prints for everyone that hit the perfect summer notes. The highlight for us is the diversity of this category. You can utilise these prints in a variety of ways making stylish short tunics, to beautiful angrakhas. This collection is excellent for everyday work wear. Here are some of the pieces we simply love from this collection:


The Summer Premium Lawn

This category is all about wearing premium lawn to those summer soirees. The concept it to keep it practical yet have the style quotient alive in each ensemble. These outfits are glamorous featuring embroideries to satiate the soul. We absolutely adore the summery colour palate! This collection has been designed to create outfits for a day out. It is formal enough to be worn for day-to-night looks with simply a pop of lip colour and formal shoes. This collection makes a strong case to go head to head with all the other designer lawns coming out this season. So when you go shopping for designer wear lawn; keep this category in mind. Here are some of the pieces we love from this collection:

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.