Just like the summer sees a crazy surge of lawns, winters are fast catching up with Cambric and warmer fabric collections by various brands. Gul Ahmed however is not new in this race. In fact perhaps like being one of the pioneers of lawn, the brand is also the oldest in women’s winter wear.

Despite being one of the oldest clothing brands in the country, Gul Ahmed has constantly evolved with changing trends, and has maintained its position of being quality fabric with a vast variety of styles and prices, catering to a very big market.

This year also, Gul Ahmed has come out with a solid winter collection that will strike the fancy of a large number of women, owing to the variety of fabrics, colours, prints and price points. The collection consists of Silk Velvet, Pashmina and Merina Wollen fabric, Linen suits, Corduroy prints, Pali and Khaddar Collection.

The khaddar collection especially is a testament to Gul Ahmed’s dedication to being top quality and affordable. Made with 100 % pure cotton, the collection boasts of a varied color palette ranging from the bright magenta, red, orange, crimson to the deeper greens, greys and navy blues. The traditional khaddar weave makes the collection very comfortable for casual and office wear while keeping the chills at bay!

Perhaps the most comprehensive collection this winter, Gul Ahmed definitely will make its way to many a wardrobes this season. Whether its a store visit or through their online shop www.gulahmedshop.com/collections/winter-collection-2015, we think it has something for everyone.

If you haven’t seen already here are a few of their latest designs:


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.