Too much of anything gets boring, mundane and honestly speaking irritating. We feel quite the same about handbag choices. With constant #OOTD Instagram posts, Snapchat ‘look of the day’ snaps and street style photography, we’re continuously interacting with people’s sartorial choices. After a while, it gets tedious to see the same tan-coloured Birkins, black ‘Boy’ Bags and coloured Bottega Veneta clutches. Don’t get us wrong; we absolutely adore these classics, but sometimes it’s nice to mix in a few new, eclectic choices.

So, we decided to shortlist our favourite contemporary bag brands, which have fresh aesthetics, to immediately add that x-factor to your wardrobe. HANDBAGS TO MAKE A STATEMENT

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1) Nina Neri

When speaking of fashion talent, it’s always a matter of pride to report on local talent. Lahore-based brand Nina Neri has everyone excited with their fabulous selection of luxurious handbags. With Italian craftsmanship and artistic flair, the Nina Neri collection embodies elegance in a practical silhouette. With an affordable price range and great design, the Nina Neri ‘Helen’ bag will become your new daily companion.


*Available at their flagship in Lahore

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