When small, everyday tasks that you once enjoyed start feeling like homework? That’s burnout. You find yourself procrastinating more and more, just to find that emotional power you need to get things done. This phenomenon is so common in our generation that people have dubbed it as the “Millennial Burnout”. You start to feel like something is wrong with you, or that your capabilities have shrunk. But that’s not it. You’re just in a rut, and while it may take effort to get out of it, it is possible!


The #VLogBrothers can probably explain this in a much funnier way then we ever could:

So according to this video, burnout is when “The treadmill keeps running, but the dopamine runs out” and it is so accurate! It’s not that you’re not able to do the things you like… it is that you’re not able to enjoy them anymore.


Let’s be real; not everyone has the luxury of taking mental healthy escapades. In all honestly, that doesn’t really solve the problem either. Allan Ting talks about burnout from a research perspective and tells you what works in helping you bounce back.

Have you ever experienced burnout? What did you do to bounce back?