We are living in uncertain times and COVID-19 has turned the lives upside down sparing no one, not even the kids. They are out of school, away from friends, at home under the strict scrutiny of adults 24/7. All this can easily whack the chill out of anybody’s life let alone a poor little child. Here we have rounded up the ways you can employ to handle stress in kids while they are at home missing their routine life.


Considering that kids are at home may allure you that they do not need a routine. But as much as you need a day well planned so does a kid, especially when they are at home and away from their day to day activities they need to look forward to a day with a predictable schedule. You may allow waking up a little late or not as per your preferences but set a time for waking up and make sure to stick to it.

Likewise, structure rest of the day and even better is to write down the timetable, make it colorful, fun, engaging, and hang it in a place visible and in range of the child.


Having said that a routine will keep a child ready for whatever is up next does not mean to over engage him with a plethora of activities and tasks. Do not forget to consolidate breaks for movement, snacks, and a break to do nothing. You have to remember they are just tiny humans yet. They exhaust quickly. Also, it is difficult to stay focused for long intervals. A break, a snack, and walk around helps them restabilize, reenergize and complete their tasks efficiently.


Children are question-making machines. Especially when they have plenty of free time and miscellaneous information exposure expect a lot of questions. It may seem tiring at times but it is important to listen to the worries of a child. Answer their questions and concerns and don’t ignore them when they come up with a full-blown episode of worry and apprehensions.