‘For me this season fashion is not just about a look, for me this season is very emotional, its something I really stand by and believe in’

HSY spoke to us about his upcoming fashion week collection in an exclusive preview at his office a few days ago. As opposed to one, the brand is presenting two collections this year-one in the luxury pret section and the other in the high street segment. But why high street many may ask, and what is the differentiation the brand is creating. These are two very distinct collections, carrying the HSY brand aesthetic of course, but they both celebrate the power of womanhood.

The high street collection revolves around celebrating our country’s craft, something that is becoming restricted to small sellers and shops. HSY recently collaborated with Kashf Foundation to celebrate its 20 years by creating a 20 piece collection using the local craft. That’s not all, HSY through this collection will fuse ethnicity with modern day silhouettes to bring about wearable and trendy options for the woman of today. We will get to see interesting stuff like Organza Jackets with hand embroidered lettering, tarkashi maxi dresses, traditional mirror work on capes and wraps. Hassan feels strongly that if we let the craft of our country die, we will compromise our fashion identity and just become clones of other cultures and countries. In addition to that, the brand has created opportunities for destitute women by giving them a source of income who are fast becoming short of work. This is a celebration of fashion and a celebration of craft and as usual we agree with the King of Couture a hundred percent.

For the luxury pret showcase again HSY celebrates a woman’s individuality. He wants to break the phenomenon of everyone copying the IT girl. He wants women to have the option to be themselves. Every piece in the collection is a separate which means anything can go with everything or styled separately, the options are endless. By presenting a versatile collection, HSY will show us a range of matador jackets, skirts, trousers, capes that will feature elements from around the world such as florals from South America, Ikat from Indonesia, elements from India and Pakistan. The collection will be styled by a young designer Hashim who will put together looks by mixing and matching pieces that one would not expect, providing women options to dress up with their own individual sense of style. The pieces again show off the craft of Pakistan and the brand will be available from sizes 6 up to 16.

HSY Be Yourself-7

The show will also have a short movie directed by HSY which will talk about a perfect woman and feature the latest heartthrob Bilal Ashraf who is also the brand ambassador for HSY.

With the power of design and such a message we feel we might already have a favorite this fashion week. Lets wait for show time to know if our bet is right!


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.