Have you ever felt, if you are a mom, that the little girls, as excited as they are to dress up on Eid, start getting uncomfy in their ‘formal’ outfits after a while. I clearly remember when I was little, my khaala would stitch the most comfy Eid joras for me. They were quite pretty, and I wouldn’t wanna get out of them all day. Cut to ‘now’ when I dress up my daughter for Eid in some fancy shmancy fabric with embroidery, she either starts feeling hot and itchy within the hour, or gets tired of carrying around a heavy/elaborate outfit.
When I saw Ideas Pret collection for young girls, there are two things that came to mind. A) these look comfortable and B) they look like they are made for kids (and not little aunties)
It is colorful, fun, comfortable and affordable (Rs. 1450-1690). Perfect every day wear and a good option for a comfy eid jora. With a good hairdo and some cute accessories, the digital print outfits are a good choice for a comfortable Eid day.
Here are the 8 designs available in store and online now. They look fun, owing to the prints which are not OTT, they look comfortable, thanks to the fabric, and they look practical, in the way they are stitched. You can dress up your little girls in something that looks like it is made just for them, or this can be a good purchase to keep as the comfy option all through the summers!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.