In this day and age keeping your blog up to date requires constant work and interaction with your audience. If that wasn’t enough, you have to share your content on several platforms all at once. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, you have to write, share, take pictures on the go and publish it. So whether you want to edit a picture or write a blogpost on the go, these apps are a must have for your phone if you’re a blogger.


Feedly is an amazing news aggregator application available on both Apple Store as well as Google Play. Feedly is a great way to get all the news you want in one place. It is an excellent RSS feed reader and offers the user a clutter free experience. So you can subscribe to all your favourite blogs, publications and news outlets in one place. This makes it easier to get news from multiple sources and make sit even easier to share.


Evernote is a favourtie amongst bloggers, students and everyone in between. This app allows the user to take notes on the go and share and edit them instantly. You can also view the notes on other synchronized devices as well as log in to access on public computers. You can also set reminders and save links as well as share them with other Evernote users. Evernote is compatible with many other applications such as Google Drive, Notes and Feedly for a smooth and convenient experience for its users. It is available for both IOS and android.


A major part of blogging nowadays is visual interaction with your audience. Blogs often post pictures of all relevant material via their Instagram feeds to engage with their audience. Editing pictures on the go is limited to a cropping pictures and applying filters. However, if you have a photo you need to edit and post right away and it needs more than a filter and colour correction. No problem! Snapseed is the god sent of photo editing applications. It has filters, editing tools, colour correction, healing brush and many other features that are an essential for photo editing on the go. This app is also available for both android and IOS.


WordPress is to blogging what baguettes are to the French! It was a pioneer in the blogging industry, allowing millions of users to use their platform o make and share their blogs. The best part about WordPress is their fuss free approach to creating your blog. It has templates for literally everything! If you have a WordPress blog then their application will make blogging on the go super easy. It allows you to write, edit, share and publish posts, all the while being able to manage comments and receiving push notifications. The WordPress app is available for both IOS and android as well.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Editing videos takes hours of reviewing footage and fixing every tiny aspect as you go along. What if you want to post a short video that is time sensitive? The Adobe Video Premiere app is a free application that allows you to edit your clips in a matter of minutes. You can upload clips or photos from your mobile device and choose to either use default features on the app or edit it the way you like it. Whether you need to fix the sound levels or trim clips, the app has features that allow you to do both and a lot more. You can sync videos to music, add titles, transitions or slo-mo to your liking all with one app. You can also sync these to other devices. It is available on both iPhone and Android.