intention setting

Ever heard of that notion that you can be joyful and really enjoy your life even when it’s still under renovation? Our lives are consumed with daily tasks at work, with cell phones and a disconnect from the real world that sometimes you don’t even remember what you were doing or were supposed to do. Which is why a simple but meaningful act of “intention setting” may just turn your life upside down for your greater good and a productive life.

Just like praying and meditation, the idea of intention setting is to slow down the pace of your life so that you can enjoy and truly live as each moment comes. Intention setting doesn’t merely focus on the future like a goal would, rather it emphasizes on the “now”, so when you find yourself slipping away, take 5 minutes to reset yourself because its never too late to take control of your life with this habit.


Okay, so picture this, you set out of home for the day without knowing where you’re going. Neither do you have a set course for the day, nor do you have any idea. Basically setting an intention is like using Google maps, you enter the location and it leads you to your destination. An intention is like your driving force, one that will manifest your goals and visions.


Decide what matters: So this is what I did, I made a list of things that matter to me, some are worldly and some are even spiritual. Just remember that it is because of these important things, that you will achieve true fulfillment. For eg. I want to be “content” in the place that I am now.

Focus on the areas of your life that you want to improve upon: It could be your career, your health, or a relationship etc, focus on some of these areas that you lag in and set a goal for it. It is our actions that lead to attainment.

Be specific: When I’m setting an intention, I get very specific down to the T about what I want to achieve and by when. It then becomes easier for me to make a timeline about what I want to do.


Intentions give purpose and without purpose, we’d be aimless. So once when you learn and practice the art of intention setting, you see self growth and get clarity because when we’ve set out a path for ourselves, we trigger our instincts and become determined to achieve our goals. Moreover, we also allow ourselves to disconnect from the outcome and work towards mindfulness in our day to day lives.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.