Libra season has officially begun! The orderliness and control of the Virgo season has mellowed out and now the Libra sun is rising, bringing about balance, beauty, peace and harmony. Libra is an air sign after all, which by nature is sociable and justice oriented.

The Libra sun asks us to be more fair in our judgement of people and situations. It asks us to find the balance by looking at things from both sides. So as you progress through the season, you’ll be finding yourself challenging your way of thinking.

But how exactly does the Libra season affect all zodiac signs? Let’s find out!


You will find yourself being double minded over a lot of decisions in your life. However, towards the middle of the season, you’ll find that courageous energy you needed to achieve something you’ve been longing for.


It is a good time to be a Taurus this Libra season! You’re going to be much more sociable and catch up with your friends and family and receive a lot of energy back.


You  can benefit from the Libra season by putting more focus onto you professional endeavors. You stand at the risk of wallowing in your failure, but use this time effectively to create.


You will be a lot more grateful for the things and people you have around you. This is a good time for you to center and build a safe environment for your “me” time.


You will be faced with a lot of communication related challenges that may lead to anger and frustration. Perfect the art of a tough conversation in this time.


You will find more balance rather than intensity in this season. You will find yourself to be much more patient. This is a good time for reflection and for addressing any suppressed feelings.


This season is all about self improvement for you; be it on the professional side or the more superficial side. You will get a lot done and fill find yourself flourishing.


You may be a little more relaxed this season but beware; there might be tasks that are demanding your attention. Don’t let the lax energy hold you back.


You will have to be more social in this season than you’re used to being. Don’t ignore these social obligations; they might help you going ahead!


You’ll find yourself making sacrifices this season, mostly to benefit people close to you. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself.


This season is all about being responsible. You’ll find yourself taking the leadership and making decisions for the benefit of those around you.


You will find yourself being curious and inquisitive about the things around you. This could be a good time to explore new and old relationships.