Ever wonder why you never saw a woman changing a flat tire on the side of the road? Me neither! Why should we, when all our car maintenance problems can be solved with just one call to our father/husband/brother/friend or an eager passerby willing to help, the issue gets taken care of without us chipping any of our nails!But really, when you love a manicure SO much, what’s the harm in chipping a few nails? I mean, for me that’s just a good excuse to go for another one! ITS REALLY NOT THAT HARD

Being the self-sufficient 21st century women that we are, don’t you feel it’s about time we tried to get our hands dirty with car maintenance too? We’re on the roads aren’t we, driving our kids to school, ourselves to work and on the off chance driving the husband to work too! So, it’s about time we pulled out a spare from our hood and got right to it – after all wherever it is you’re going, is a destination worth getting to.

So let’s get on board with having a solution before the problem arises. It’s time to break the age old stereotypes and take control. Trust me when you get down to learning the basic, it’s really not that hard and TOTAL PARCO is working on making it even simpler, with their campaign #ItsThatSimple! Here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

Reading solves all your worries!

It’s that simple. Everything you need to know about your car is in your car owner’s manual.So dig into the recesses of your untouched drawers, accumulated with abandoned guidebooks and warranty cards, find the manual and educate yourself!

Changing a flat tire is not as scary as it looks.

Honestly, two tools, 8 steps and 10 minutes that’s all it takes! Loosening the lug nuts and jacking up your vehicle is also a great way to get those arms in shape for the next summer season. Remember practice makes perfect and don’t get demotivated because you believe you might be the first woman to be changing a tire on a busy road. Some of us have to be the initiators!

Drop it like it’s hot!

Our cars tend to get hot and bothered too, so bear with me while I go through the tedious process of what to do when your car throws a tantrum because it just can’t take the temperature anymore (and the heat indicator starts blinking).

Turn off your car, ensure there is no steam coming from the engine, open the hood and locate the radiator, don’t touch anything until the radiator and engine have cooled down completely. If you don’t know where the radiator and the coolant recovery tank are, find a cap that has a warning sign; “Never open when hot” or something similar, that’s your radiator pressure cap.  Remove the cap when everything has cooled down, if the coolant level is low, add some clean drinkable water and fill to about an inch of the top.

Heed the warnings!

Prevention is better than cure! It’s the wisdom passed down through generations that saves us in the end. Keeping an eye out for the warning indicators on your dashboard and acting promptly prevents any future unwanted situations!

Know your troubles!

Don’t get too excited you are not entirely self-sufficient yet.It’s inevitable that you’ll have to take your car to the mechanic sometime, when you do that, make sure you explain the problem accurately and precisely if you don’t want to get ripped off. It also helps to ask someone around you who would know the answer, to educate you a little bit.

These are just some of the fundamental tips that I picked up. If you want to learn more follow the link below to TOTAL PARCO’s Facebook page.