Pakistani drama serial Jalan, starring Emmad Irfani, Minal Khan and Areeba Habib is a Big Bang Entertainment Production and will go on air today on ARY Digital. The teasers of Jalan have stirred quite the reaction in the audience because it highlights the element of jealousy in relationships and a possible (unconventional) love-triangle between the lead actors.

So, we caught up with the man of the hour, Emmad Irfani who is returning on our TV screens after his much-loved role in Cheekh and asked him to give us some scoop on what is so unique about Jalan, how his experience was like working with Big Bang Entertainment Production and his co-star, Minal Khan.

But first….


  1. “Everywhere I’ve gone, everyone on my social media, on Instagram, everyone has asked me, when are you doing your next project? So, in retrospect, Cheekh really changed the equation and game for me and people are actually looking forward to my project from a personal vantage point of view.”
  2. “Jalan is one of the premium projects from Fahad Mustafa’s production house, Big Bang Entertainment, so a lot of hard work and influx has gone into this project. And this is the first that we’ve shot in multiple locations.  My character is like a monarch, so we shot every scene in a different location. We put in a lot of hard work, a lot of vision and is a labour of love. Aaibas Raza is a brilliant Director and he has kept the set very relaxed and that’s a big reason why an actor can perform at an optimum level, knowing the actors and the Director is relaxed.”
  3. “The cast is very refreshing and this is the first time that I’ve worked with Minal Khan and Areeba Habib. And one of my very old mate from my time of modeling Nadia Hussain, the both of us will be acting together for the very first time. So the camaraderie and chemistry was very good. What we create on the set is what will hopefully come out once you see us on TV.”


“Well considering she is very young and extremely talented, I don’t think I’ve worked with such a talented actress of her age group. Because the way she handled the character, the way she’s approaching the character because of its complexity and maliciousness, it has a lot of shades. So I was very impressed that she played that character in a very intriguing and riveting kind of a way. It was great because we had a lot of difficult situations to create and acting is a lot about action and reaction, and feeding off the other person’s energy. So I think it was very good.”

Emmad Irfani looking dapper


“I don’t know what they will love, but personally it was a very challenging character that I took on. I remember that, when I was reading the script, the first thing that came into my mind this is a very challenging character and challenge is something that inspires me because its very conducive to your growth as an individual and as an artist. So, I took the challenge and he’s got a lot of layers, a lot shades. At one point he’s very assertive and then he is weak too, so there are a lot of psychological layers that he has. Therefore, once again in my control is my effort, my actions, my process, my philosophy and my imagination towards my character to give it life. I’m quite optimistic that people appreciate, if not love the character that I’ve portrayed.”

Jalan will go on air on June 17th, 2020, Wednesday at 8 pm on ARY Digital.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.