By now, you must know that my fetish for shoes and bags knows no bounds, and new brands with a fresh take on accessories is always exciting. Now there are a number of brands and styles out there that offer a good assortment of bags and shoes, but I still struggle to find things that suit our style. When I came across Julke first, I knew it will be a long term relationship.

Being a stylist I am often asked what kind of shoes to wear and what accessories to carry at various points of day and events, I put together these looks with help of my friend Julke Online.

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Amna Niazi Julke-2 Office/ Everyday Look

Whether going for office or at a breakfast with your girls, this vibrant and bright colored minimalist tote and shoes will add an oomph to your entire look. Due to their style and practicality, they are my personal favorite for a casual day out especially the shoes which are well made and comfortable to walk in.

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