Its that time of year again, when lawn feels too cool, linen feels too warm and cambric collections are rampant. While you see Instagram come alive with images from various Autumn Winter campaigns, it is our job to highlight what we love and feel should be noticed.

It is no secret, we have always had a spot for Kayseria. Over past few years, they have been experimental with their fabric, design and styling, making them more niche. Whether its the Kayseria Prints, Kayseria Pret or even their latest line for young girls, ladli, the brand keeps things fun.

Case in point is the latest Kasyeria Prints winter collection called, ‘Winds of Winter’. First of all, we love the silhouettes we have seen in the shoot, and pray to God that women start becoming more experimental with their clothing. Secondly, we feel as a brand that is always innovating and trying newer things, the introduction of Wool blend and Herring bone shawls is going to be quite spectacular. Available in printed versions that are multipurpose, feminine and evergreen, and embroidered variations, adding a wealth of artisanship and splendor to wardrobes everywhere.  The dyed and embroidered shawls with beautiful and intricate patterns celebrate the beauty and intricacy of Kashmiri hand embroidered shawls.

And then there is more. The plethora of fabric that you can choose from, the traditional options including Cotton Karandi, Finer Cambric, and Linen or the differentiating Bamboo Modale, Cotton Viscose and Cotton Satin Prints. Even the themes this season are not limited to our region but endorse a range from the traditional and folk patterns of Kashmir, Rajasthan, Ukraine and the Byzantine Empire to the warmth of the Victorian Florals, bright and beautiful under the winter sun.

As always, we appreciate the innovation and creativity when a clothing brands makes a little extra effort to help us create unforgettable looks. Thank you Kayseria.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.